Sarita AE-121 400 W Juicer (White, 1 Jar)

Sarita AE-121 400 W Juicer (White, 1 Jar)

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Now extracting fresh fruit juice in your very own kitchen will not only be convenient but healthy too. This Juicer with its powerful 400 watt motor helps you make juices, Ensure you and your loved ones’ good health by drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices made in your own kitchen with the Desire juice extractor. This kitchen appliance is powered by a 400 W motor, and it features an anti-splash nozzle cover, a stainless steel juicer mesh, and a rotating knob which you can use to adjust between the two speed levels or to put it on the full-speed pulse mode.Special feature for mausambi juice this juiceer comes with seed collector


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